Gimme Six: Yordie’s Second Life – Part 1

I love what others have done with this Gimme Six series and I digging into my list of Second Life wonders. My list includes places of adventure, exploration, music & dancing, time travel, role play, shopping and things that amaze. I’ll write a new part each week.

  • Role Play in Time
  • A World of Nature & Beauty
  • I Luv the Nightlife
  • A Bluesy Kinda Luv
  • Shopping, Shopping… Shopping!
  • Somewhere Beyond the Sea

1) Role Play in Time – Hosoi Ichiba

Before I begin hurling superlatives about the four-sim region known generally as Hosoi Ichiba, I want you to prepare for a step back in time, to the Edo era of Japan. The Edo period when warfare had ended and a strict social order brought peace and development. And more than any other region I’ve seen in Second Life, it not only represents that era but immerses you into it.

Hosoi Ichiba is the creation Amiryu Hosoi, a designer with an eye for perfection and beauty. Her creation includes a grand market at Japan Kanto, a hanamachi (flower town with a geisha house) at Japan Kansai, the great Matsumoto Castle on Japan Chubu and an homage to the Great Wall of China at China Sichaun.

Naturally, these regions provide many opportunities for role play, and there are many approved role play groups. There are two okiyas (geisha houses), a kabuki theater group, a samurai clan, a ninja clan and others. The following photos will give you a sense of the possibilities.

The Hosoi cluster of sims began with Hosoi Ichiba,
the grand market with products for sale.
This market funds the entire 4-sim region.

The Beauty of Hosoi Ichiba

This is the entrance to the great Matsumoto Castle.
It is the home of Keibatsu samurai clan
ruled by a powerful shogun.

Return to Japan Kansai

How can a single photo begin to capture
all of the things located on Japan Kansai?
This is a view from the northern hilltop,
but you must stroll the pathways to see
the okiyas, kabuki theater and other sites.

The Beauty of Hosoi Ichiba

And how could you fail to represent
The Great Wall of China!

It would be hard to pick a single place to bring someone who has never been to Second Life, but if that person had an interest in Japan or Asia then this would unquestionably be the place I’d bring them. And there are many stories I could tell you about this region. In my early years in Second Life I was an apprentice geisha and my onesan (big sister) came to Hosoi to be a geisha in the first okiya here. Thanks to her I’ve performed in many geisha shows here over the years.

Each region of Hosoi is ideal for many role play themes. You can also do as my ex-partner and I did, you can create your own role play and just blend into the many activities here. We spent many hours engaged in our own role play and I wrote about our role play in a story, The Samurai & the Geisha (being polished for publication). Btw, speaking of samurai, for those who love warfare the samurai and ninja clans schedule tournaments and battles.

 If you are interested in more information, checkout the Hosoi Ichiba blog.  I hope readers will come visit this great creation.

Coming Soon, Part 2 – A World of Nature & Beauty

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