July 14: Geisha Yordie


Retired Geisha Yordie visits the home of her heart,
the docks of Miyagawacho Hanamachi on Japan Kansai.

Photo: Geisha Yordie
Location: Japan Kansai, Second Life

As an apprentice geisha, I received my training at the Yoshiwara Okiya @ Little Yoshiwara. But when my onesan moved to Hosoi Mura and became geisha at Miyagawacho Hanamachi Okiya, I followed her here. Over the years I’ve participated in geisha stage shows and other events, but I never joined the okiya. This is a photo of me today, returning to the home of my heart and the sea I love so dearly. It has been over a year since the tragedy of The Samurai & the Geisha, someday I will tell the full tale.

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Yordie Sands is an avatar in Second Life, where she stars as the heroine of a virtual fantasy life.
  • http://vaneeesa.com Vaneeesa Blaylock

    The Tragedy of The Samurai & The Geisha??

    Me thinks this Geish’s name must be Scheherazade, for she no sooner reveals one mystery than she begins another and leaves us begging for more!

    Oh… and ADORABLE photo!! 😀