Gimme Six: Yordie’s Second Life – Part 2

T his is the second part in my Gimme Six list:

  • Role Play in Time
  • A World of Nature & Beauty
  • A New Englander at Heart
  • A Bluesy Kinda Luv
  • Shopping, Shopping… Shopping!
  • Somewhere Beyond the Sea

2) A World of Nature & Beauty – Calas Galadhon

I want to take you on a trip to a place of nature and beauty unlike any other place in Second Life. It is a group of eleven sims, but the landing point is Calas Galadhon sim (a named derived from Tolkien). The sims are a gift to all of us in Second Life by their creators, Truck Meredith and Tymus Tenk.

It is a place you go to spend hours strolling, walking, ballooning, boating and hiking; there’s even scuba diving. Yesterday I returned to this place with my camera and a couple of hours of time. I’ve chosen only four photos from the hundred I shot and even if I were to post the hundred it wouldn’t begin to scratch the surface off all you’ll find, all you’ll discover and delight in.

I began my trip in a place that had great significance to me in the past, a place you can easily find peace and serenity. This is a place where I once fell in love and while I’ll talk about that more in another series, I think you’ll see how vulnerable you’d be to falling in love in these surroundings.

If you head south from the arrival area at Calas,
past the little hamlet and up the hill to the residences,
you’ll find beauty like this and much, much more.

Gorgeous Pathways @ Calas Galadhon

Be sure to bring your camera and follow the pathway northeasterly.
If you keep headed north you’ll come to the entrance to Miromere
and find yourself headed toward the Misty Mountain.
(Don’t cheat and tp, don’t try to fly because you can’t.)

A Vista @ Calas Galadhon

As you come to the Miromere crossing, look to the west
and you’ll behold one of the greatest views in all of Second Life.
Be sure to set your draw distance to at least 512 (a must).

Lost Gardens of Thera @ Armenelos

Once you see Armenelos across the sea from The Misty Mountains,
I’m sure you’ll want to visit there and I encourage you to.
But be sure to also find your way to this landmark, because
nearby you can suit up in scuba gear and find
The Lost Gardens of Thera.

This little tour I’ve given you is just a glimpse of this unique world. Tymus is a landscaper in real life and with his partner, Truck, the two have built regions so realistic I assure you, you’ll be enchanted.

I want to encourage you to make the leap across space and time to your second life, and visit this world. And by the way, there is more to this region than exploring, there are three nightclubs with regular entertainment schedules. So, checkout their website.

If you can’t make it to Second Life, then I have a few more photos posted in one of my Flickr sets. And if you’d like to peek into my personal life experiences at Calas (I’m pretty sure I sanitized it… heh), checkout posts in the orignal Being Yordie Sands blog.

Coming Soon, Part 3 – I Luv the Nightlife

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