I t’s Part 5 of my Gimme Six series and I want to take you shopping in Second Life. It’s impossible to feature all of my favorite malls, stores and designers but I want to share a few I think you’ll enjoy.

5) Shopping, Shopping, Shopping!

The purpose of this trip isn’t to find any particular style of clothing but it is about shopping for clothes. This visit is about the SL shopping experience and that means leaving everything other than buying things from the Second Life catalog (Marketplace). Like many busy avatars, I use Marketplace often but when you consider that each designer not only invests their time in creating great fashions, they also represent their sense of beauty in the way they build and furnish their stores.

A couple of days ago, Strawberry Singh published an article about Debug Settings. It was very useful information and I’ve already implemented two of her settings; however, her outfit looked so cute I felt that urge which no woman can resist. No! I’m not talking about that (*eyes roll*) urge, I’m talking about shopping! And what do I do when I have that urge? I raced right over to Maitreya and got a similar style of dress and boots.

That’s me in my new Strawberry Singh inspired
dress &boots from Maitreya. I’m pretending I don’t know
that girl with the Demo boxes on her head. *giggles*
She’s my best friend for life, Leanna. hugs LeLe.

The urge to shop wasn’t satisfied thought. I showed my best friend Leanna my new boots and she figured that these were boots she might need to. Then the two of us raced over to Maitreya’s vast complex of stores and took our shopping to the next level. Ok, then it got complicated. We started looking around at other items, so of which we needed at once. And fun was had by all, once LeLe made her decision on what to buy. I had no such problem. heh

But what do you do when you don’t know exactly what you want. What do you do when you know you want something but don’t know what it is? You race off to the mall or any place with lots of shops.

Here are a couple malls and a couple store complexes that I especially enjoy. Each of these carry very different kinds of fashion, from general interest to more sexy, from Italian fashion to youthful hawt. The places and theire landmarks are:  LE LOOK mall,  Ambrosia mall, the shops of Armidi and the stores of  :SEY on GREED.

The first mall I want to introduce you to is LE LOOK
It is a real mall with two stories and dozens of stores.
Many top designers have boutique shops here as well.
I love to roam from store to store looking for new things
but don’t miss the north and south corridors for much more.

This is Ambrosia huge shopping mall with dozens of stores.
The stores here are mostly different from the stores
of LE LOOK, and tend to be a little more on the sexy side.

This is a very Italian area with shops and stores, this is Armidi.
Part of the fun is wandering the streets and passages, finding nooks and crannies.
The merchandise is distinctive and always fine quality.

:SEY @ GREED is a store for cool, hawt, hip, bitchin, check my flow kinda stuff.
To fully experience :SEY, you have to head outside
where you’ll find other shops and a lot fun places to enjoy.

Again, there are soooooo many places I’d love to take you. I could say, oh check out these: Dela*, GizzA, Zaara, J.H. Couture, Baiastise, eX, LeeZu!, Fellini, [sYs], INDRYA, GothiCatz, Leri Miles, Carolines, Nicky Ree, REALE, ~Sassy~, AOHARU, Rebel Hope, BabyDolls, and can’t forget the guys with Hoorenbeck, Wilsons and… well, I’m still be leaving off so many places. Ok, I forgot all the shops at Junkyard Blues south. Oh! And there’s skin stores, shoe stores, costume stores, lingerie stores and every other kinda store. And I don’t want to forget to mention that there are many little cafes adjacent to stores, nice to rest your feet and reload your account with more L$. I know a lot of peeps who say, there’s just too many stores. But some of us say, there’s not enough stores! hehe

Coming Soon, Part 6 – Somewhere Beyond the Sea

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