Prep School

I’ve been meaning to do a ‘back-to-school’ picture all month but didn’t get the opportunity to dress up in full uniform till today. Dressing up like this brought back old memories of my prep school days. I remember we all hated wearing our ties, in the Florida heat it’s just not that pleasant to wear. Thank goodness it wasn’t absolutely mandatory, only on certain days. Sometimes it seems time goes by so fast you don’t know where it went and how you became an adult. Especially if you rarely feel like one.

I wanted to actually take this picture in a nice school inworld, however, believe it or not that was a very difficult task. I had a really hard time finding a decent looking school with nice textures that would really pop in a photo. The ones that were nice, were hard to get to or closed off because they were part of a school role-play and you need to be in the group to access it.

This picture I took at Edgewood Preparatory School, which is a high school role-play and I actually couldn’t get any closer to the school than what you see here. There were ban lines all around and I couldn’t move so I just did the best I could. I’m not going to share the slurl here because it’s not a sim you can really explore. If you do know of any nicely textured highschool or even university that is open to explore, let me know!

In the photo: Strawberry Singh
Location: {Second Life}

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  • Ravanel

    Another great picture, I love the outfit and the soft colours! It’s also fun to read about school uniform nostalgia here. Where I live, nobody wears uniforms when going to school, so I guess I missed out on something! ^^

  • PadmavatiUdyana

    I did a little foot work and checked out what of the school (and it’s surrounding area) that is accessible and it is really fantastic. I am used to role-play areas being “roped off”; however, I can see how this would be terribly annoying for just about anyone else.

    It is pretty common for role-plays that have applications and tuition to be private with a few common areas that are open to the public due to greifing and wanting to discourage those with less than good intentions. As things are they are in the middle of their school term, which is six weeks of classes followed by a break of a week or two.

    While you can’t get onto the school grounds (proper) or register right now you can get to both the East and West Ivory Towers, which house things like their theater and student housing (one is just across the way from the school and the other you can access through Arbor Pointe itself). It may be open for further exploration once they are accepting new students.

    • Vaneeesa Blaylock

      wait, wait, Padma who???

      Oh, yay, she lives!!

      • PadmavatiUdyana

        It is a state of living and not living at the same time!

        • Vaneeesa Blaylock

          aww… is that a good thing? bad? complicated?

          and… wanna do an iRez post about it?

          I’ll give you candy little girl…

          • PadmavatiUdyana

            I think it is all of the above until the rigor mortis sets in, then it’s just a pain in the neck! Hey, as long as it isn’t candy corn or anything we may have a deal!

            • Vaneeesa Blaylock

              candy corn? what is this, halloween?

              oh, kk, it is october, but no, high end stuff, of course.

              Give me an email & whatever username you’d like and I’ll make an account 4U!

              • PadmavatiUdyana

                I won’t sing “This is Halloween at you”, not for another few days. I only give out high end candies, what self respecting crone gives out the cheap stuff?!

                I’ll drop you a notecard in world with the info, my brain is well boiled after being sick.