Ice Skating

I’ve been on a bit of a break, taking some time to sort out some RL stuff and now trying to catch up. I know iRez has been going through some changes as well, but I hope we’re back and up and running ok now.

I decided to take some time off working and just relax and do some ice skating inworld today with Mr. Prad Prathivi. I know winter is still about a month away but living in Florida, I rarely ever get a chance to actually experience winter so this is where my Second Life comes in very handy. Ice skating is something I’ve only done once in my life before and I pretty much fell every 5 minutes. lol Too bad it’s not as easy as hopping on a poseball and letting it do all the work for you.

You’ll probably see more wintery pictures here for the next several weeks as I love it. What are your favorite things to do in the snow and wintertime?

In the photo: Prad Prathivi & Strawberry Singh
Location: Irish Tropical Escapes

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