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Ice Skating

I’ve been on a bit of a break, taking some time to sort out some RL stuff and now trying to catch up. I know iRez has been going through some changes as well, but I hope we’re back and up and running ok now. I decided to take some time off working and just […]

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Sex & the Virtual City

I had a lot of fun getting together with the iRez ladies today to shoot this image. After several rebakes and relogs and hair color crises, we ended up with this, hope y’all like it! I also used it in my introductory post for the new “Sex & the Virtual City” section of iRez. The […]

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So I know it seems as if I’m progressively losing more and more clothing as I post here, but I promise you it wasn’t on purpose. lol There’s a blog called Bare where they interview different SLers around the grid. They interviewed me today so I thought it would be neat to do a nude […]

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Blushing Bride

Before you guys start planning my bridal shower, just putting it out there that I am definitely NOT getting married. A friend is about to release a bunch of bridal gowns and veils this weekend so I was playing around with them and then this picture happened. I guess most girls dream of a big, […]

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Red Satin

I guess I should apologize for showing up here in my underwear today, but I just couldn’t resist. I got my hands on a few new things that have hit the grid this weekend and they were just calling out for a sexy picture. My favorite release this weekend were the mesh hands. I know […]

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Prep School

I’ve been meaning to do a ‘back-to-school’ picture all month but didn’t get the opportunity to dress up in full uniform till today. Dressing up like this brought back old memories of my prep school days. I remember we all hated wearing our ties, in the Florida heat it’s just not that pleasant to wear. […]

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Light My World!

I’m often asked questions about my photography so I have tried my best to share everything I do on my blog. I thought I would share some links on this blog as well today. Computer Specifications – The one thing that helps me the most in achieving high quality and high resolution images with shadows […]

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Say Cheese!

I had actually done this image for my style post on my blog today, but I couldn’t resist sharing it here as well. Every photographer needs a shot of herself holding her camera, right? In the photo: Strawberry Singh Location: BWC Village

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Getting Social!

It’s no secret that I am a social media addict. I even have a whole page on my blog that talks about all the of the different social networks I am a part of and what I do on them. Yesterday was my four year anniversary on a network called Plurk. I think out of […]

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7 September – Ouch

In the photo: Strawberry Singh Location: Second Life Life – 1 Berry – 0 Lately I’ve been feeling a bit beaten up by life, seems to be getting the better of me. But I am planning to bite back and have my revenge soon. This is a remake of an image I did over two […]

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29 August – Not Perfect

In the photo: Strawberry Singh Location: Second Life ALMOST PERFECT BUT NOT QUITE “Almost perfect… but not quite.” Those were the words of Mary Hume At her seventh birthday party, Looking ‘round the ribboned room.” This table cloth is pink not white— Almost perfect… but not quite.” “Almost perfect… but not quite.” Those were the […]

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22 August – Virgo

In the photo: Strawberry Singh Location: FATEisland Born in September, I’m really a true Virgo at heart. Although I don’t follow horoscopes that regularly, I still find it fun to read them from time to time. I find it interesting that I resemble a lot of the characteristics for Virgos. I know it’s hard to […]

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19 August – Nefertiti

In the photo: Strawberry Singh Location: Egypt I found this outfit on the second life marketplace a few years ago and promptly purchased it so that I could blog it. I even made a tattoo eyeliner to go with it. However, like most things in my slife, I never got around to it till I […]

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14 August – Painted

In the photo: Strawberry Singh Location: Second Life I was playing around with this photo in Photoshop and then I dragged it into one of my favorite editing sites, and played with it a lot over there as well. They have so many options and buttons to play with, I can spend hours on […]

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2 August – Rooftop Dancer

In the photo: Strawberry Singh Location: Highgarden – Game of Thrones Roleplay I recently bought new mesh feet inworld and I haven’t been able to stop playing with them. The system feet and hands are so badly done, but mesh and prim feet and hands really tend to bring an extra realism into sl photography. […]

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23 July – Leo the Lion

In the photo: Strawberry Singh Location: Vana Fur Fur – The 5th Earth Only in Second Life™ do you get to snuggle up to a lion with no fear or worry in your heart. I was taking images for a new Zodiac event going on in Second Life right now and I couldn’t resist making […]

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20 July – Happy Ramadan

In the photo: Strawberry Singh Location: Second Life Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic Calendar and every year millions of muslims all over the world fast during the daylight hours for 30 days. Although I’m not a very religious person myself usually, this month I try to be a good muslim girl and […]

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17 July – Restless Heart

In the photo: Strawberry Singh Location: The Returning It’s no secret that I’m a huge Bollywood fan. Being born in the Indian Subcontinent and having roots from there, I guess it’s just natural for me to gravitate towards all of the glitz and glam of the Bollywood industry. One of my most favorite movies from […]

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11 July – Blonde Berry

In the photo: Strawberry Singh Location: Second Life I’ve been recently experimenting a lot with different hair colors within Second Life. Recently I was asked to create an image for the Second Life main page and I decided to go pink. Today I was feeling blonde. I’m kind of liking the blonde, I might stick […]

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4 July – Summer Air

In the photo: Strawberry Singh Location: {Zaara} Today is July 4th, Independence day for all the Americans. Usually on this day my family barbecues at home and then in the evening we go to Disney to see the fireworks. But today is such a beautiful summery day, I might head down to the lake and […]

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