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BURN2 The Burning Man Burns!

BURN2 Day 14 - Burning Man Burns by Yordie Sands 2012.2

Yesterday, November 3rd, the pyro-technitians of Second Life’s BURN2 set The Man ablaze, signalling the close of this years event is near. Naturally, your ever alert, ever on-time reporter arrived 5 minutes late and couldn’t even get near The Man perched up high in the cold desert night. And naturally The Man was already ablaze when I arrived. But […]

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Virtual Halloween!

Yordie & Pearl @ Calas Galadhon's Journey to the Lost City - Second Life 2012

If virtual world Second Life was a country, and some of us think it is, then Halloween would certainly be its national holiday. I know there will be some who’ll disagree, but you don’t have to be around SL for long to discover the inner pagan lurking inside as All Hallow’s Evening draws near. Sure, it’s mostly about dressing […]

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BURN2 Is About Fire!

BURN2 Day 5 - Lamplighters @ Second Life by Yordie Sands 2012

This morning the BURN2 news is, BURN2 is being extended for a 2nd week. It will be open to the public but the entertainment has come to an end. The big event, the actual setting fire to the Burning Man is scheduled for next weekend. The climax to BURN2, setting the Man ablaze has been postponed […]

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BURN2 Becoming A Burner

BURN2 Day 2 - Stella Silvansky in Second Life by Yordie Sands 2012

Between Sunday and Monday I spent a lot of time in Second Life’s Burning Man called BURN2. I listened to Philip Linden’s latest interview from SL9B on June 22. I’d seen part of it before but this time I listened to all three parts. By the way, there were only 21 views of part 3. There […]

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BURN2 Official Opening

Day 1 BURN22 @ Second Life by Yordie Sands 2012

Saturday, October 20th, was the official opening for BURN2 2012. Yesterday I wrote about the history of “Burning Man” and Second Life’s “Burning Life” a bit. But my quest to understand the Second Life Burner movement has just begun. I was ready to learn, so within minutes of BURN2’s opening, I poured in with at least 100 other peeps […]

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BURN2 “Welcome Home”

Yordie Sands Explores BURN2 in Second Life 2012

Virtual world Second Life will be home to “BURN2 2012” this week. It begins today, Saturday, October 20th and continues to October 27th. BURN2 is based on the real life “Burning Man” events in the Nevada desert. BURN2 also replaces Second Life’s former “Burning Life” events, originally sponsored by Linden Lab, but now independently organized since being downsized. There are […]

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How To Date A Virtual Woman

Yordie Sands & Her Date @ Cloud Nine - Second Life 2012

Recently, iRez publisher Vaneeesa Blaylock  tagged me with this, “Yordie Sands also dares to talk about something so many peeps are curious about, but sometimes too shy to ask or write about: Virtual Romance!” And it got me thinking. The Romance Expert Is that what my writings have done, painted me into a slot as […]

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The Hitcher – Part 2

The hitcher had stirred my curiosity. I asked Paul if he travelled a lot and he said he’d travelled through twenty-seven countries. This was a “wow” for me and we chatted about the countries. He also had travelled around Europe but most of his recent travels had been to Asia. He said his “students” had made him […]

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The Hitcher – Part 1

For those who don’t know me, I’m an avatar from Second Life and live my life in that virtual world. When my human made plans for a long distance relocation, I felt it was time for me to pack myself into some cozy corner of her brain and hibernate until I could return to my world. The […]

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Becoming Someone Else – Part 2

Second Life can be like MMORPG games in many regards, there are “players” who role play exclusively. There are regions that have training and rules for role play, even combat, but many SL players don’t see themselves as players at all. In fact, this is a dividing line for some, they refuse to be anyone […]

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Becoming Someone Else – Part 1

This salon has professional authors with qualifications in education, psychology and other professions who explore identity and virtual identify. I read their posts with great interest.  There’s little question in my mind that most people who enter virtual worlds end up making choices that lead them into their identities. Ravanel started a series called, “Avatar & Identify – Introduction”.  […]

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Gimme Six: Hosoi Ichiba’s New Beginning

Yordie Sands @ Japan Chubu - A New Beginning for Hosoi Ichiba 2012

My first Gimme Six article featured the Hosoi Ichiba sim group. Unlike other games, the places we love are subject to radical change. A couple of weeks ago it looked like this beautiful group of sims would be lost forever when it was announced the sims would be closing within a month. In the days following the announcement, […]

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Gimme Six: The Blake Sea – #6

This is the Six of my Gimme Six series. It’s about the Blake Sea but before you think you can’t go boating because of those darned Second Life sim crossings, I want to tell you something wonderful. Role Play in Time A World of Nature & Beauty A New Englander at Heart A Bluesy Kinda Luv Shopping, […]

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Gimme Six: Shopping, Shopping, Shopping – Part 5

It’s Part 5 of my Gimme Six series and I want to take you shopping in Second Life. It’s impossible to feature all of my favorite malls, stores and designers but I want to share a few I think you’ll enjoy. Role Play in Time A World of Nature & Beauty A New Englander at […]

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Romance Upon the Seas

Photo: Yordie & friend aboard SS Titanic Location: Hawser @ Blake Sea, Second Life It was the 100th anniversary of the loss of the Titanic. We went to the place where the magic was. Earlier we wore our fine clothes but here we are in our jeans. What more can I say?

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My Second Life Romance – Part 3

Unlike the end of Part 1 and Part 2, I sorta know how this piece will end. I think Second Life old timers and newbies will both find something to hang onto, even. 1) He Made Me Feel Like Dancin’ 2) He Filled My Life With Hope 3) Protecting Your Heart It seems ages since the end […]

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Yordie Na’vi & Nak-Nizi

Location: Pandora, Second Life. In Photo: That’s me as Yordie Navi. A friend gave me Nak-Nizi and she was a wonderful pet dragon.

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Gimme Six: Yordie’s Second Life – Part 4

I’ve made it to part four of my Gimme Six contributions. I’m enjoying sharing my favorite places with you. I’m about to take you from New England into the southland and into the heart of the blues, the Louisana Gulf coast in Second Life. Role Play in Time A World of Nature & Beauty A New […]

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My Second Life Romance – Part 2

This is the second part of the story of my second life romance. If all the guys I ever dated, and I’ve dated my share, were to read Part 1, I think at least three of them might think I was writing about them. 1) He Made Me Feel Like Dancin’ 2) He Filled My Life With […]

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Gimme Six: Yordie’s Second Life – Part 3

This is part three in my Gimme Six series. Ok, I need to change my list a little bit. I haven’t been luvin’ the nightlife very much lately, so I want to focus on a place where I’m very active. Role Play in Time A World of Nature & Beauty A New Englander at Heart A Bluesy Kinda […]

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