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Ice Skating

I’ve been on a bit of a break, taking some time to sort out some RL stuff and now trying to catch up. I know iRez has been going through some changes as well, but I hope we’re back and up and running ok now. I decided to take some time off working and just […]

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It`s Have Sex With a Guy With a Mustache Day!

November 18.

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Second Life Erotic Photography: An interview with Nearly Doune

A selection from Nearly Doune's Top 5 Favourite Second Life Erotic Photoshoots

Second Life Erotic Photography: An interview with Nearly Doune Warning: This post is about Second Life Erotic Photography, therefore, if this post was a Second Life Sim, it would be rated adult. So if you’re not an adult, or are an adult that would rather not see material that might be considered “adult”, then you […]

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It’s LOTRO Spice!

Close up of a fancy dressed elf walking backwards on her many coloured steed

Perhaps you remember how I posted a happy Ravanel on my Tower of Orthanc deed steed, Ironhoof, a while ago (see Ironhoof and my epic win). Yesterday I acquired his older brother, the Steed of Many Colours, and I’m at least as happy as back then! In order to get the Steed of Many Colours, […]

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Search Engine Optimisation for your Blog – Part 3

We have a new toy on, called the WordPress SEO plug-in by Yoast! This handy plug-in now appears at the bottom of all of your posts in iRez in your dashboard post editing screen. How to use the Yoast WordPress SEO Plug-in for Search Engine Optimisation As discussed in part 1 and part 2 […]

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BURN2 The Burning Man Burns!

BURN2 Day 14 - Burning Man Burns by Yordie Sands 2012.2

Yesterday, November 3rd, the pyro-technitians of Second Life’s BURN2 set The Man ablaze, signalling the close of this years event is near. Naturally, your ever alert, ever on-time reporter arrived 5 minutes late and couldn’t even get near The Man perched up high in the cold desert night. And naturally The Man was already ablaze when I arrived. But […]

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Sex & the Virtual City

I had a lot of fun getting together with the iRez ladies today to shoot this image. After several rebakes and relogs and hair color crises, we ended up with this, hope y’all like it! I also used it in my introductory post for the new “Sex & the Virtual City” section of iRez. The […]

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Search Engine Optimisation for your Blog – Part 2

An image of a needle in a haystack representing search engine optimisation

You’ve written an amazing blog post that you’re tickled to bits about, but why can’t Google find it? Let’s help Google find that needle in a haystack using 5 simple SEO techniques. So, we’ve got our handy keyword ideas that I came up with in my last post and we’re ready to write our next […]

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It`s Movember!

Time to let that mo grow. Just because I am too darn lazy to type today, I`ll let wikipedia do the job: Movember (a portmanteau of the slang word “mo” for moustache and “November“) is an annual, month-long event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of prostate cancer and other male cancer initiatives. […]

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Search Engine Optimisation for your Blog – Part 1

Image of a man casting a fishing net

Casting a wide net. Some rights reserved by NeeZhom Photomalaya Why search engine optimisation is important for your blog I love getting comments on my blog posts, don’t you? I think most bloggers do. The measure and quality of your comments are a pretty good sign that your writing is engaging – and we all […]

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The real shit

ScreenCap from "Hula Cam" at Burning Man 2012 video

Hula cam at Burning Man 2012   Don`t know about you, but it sure made me happy! Filmed and edited by Rob Volkel  

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Human optical illusions

ScreenCap from Makeup Video

Or how to trick people into thinking you`re good looking.  The Jenna way.     “Bleach the shit out of your hair and tan your skin (important!). Literally take a bunch of make up on your face,  use black, cause nothing says I`m a whore like black. Put on some fake whore lashes and make […]

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Virtual Halloween!

Yordie & Pearl @ Calas Galadhon's Journey to the Lost City - Second Life 2012

If virtual world Second Life was a country, and some of us think it is, then Halloween would certainly be its national holiday. I know there will be some who’ll disagree, but you don’t have to be around SL for long to discover the inner pagan lurking inside as All Hallow’s Evening draws near. Sure, it’s mostly about dressing […]

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BURN2 Is About Fire!

BURN2 Day 5 - Lamplighters @ Second Life by Yordie Sands 2012

This morning the BURN2 news is, BURN2 is being extended for a 2nd week. It will be open to the public but the entertainment has come to an end. The big event, the actual setting fire to the Burning Man is scheduled for next weekend. The climax to BURN2, setting the Man ablaze has been postponed […]

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Marie Chouinard's evening length performance / film bODY_rEMIX / gOLDBERG_vARIATIONS - photo of dancers in the performance

Marie Chouinard Quebec choreographer Marie Chouinard’s 2005 evening length bODY_rEMIX/ gOLDBERG_vARIATIONS features dancers with a variety of prosthetic apparatus: cane, walker, forearm crutches, and… pointe shoes. No doubt there are many perspectives on this work: cyborg, fetish, ableness, and more, yet for me it is a dance about dance. In bODY_rEMIX her company dances on […]

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So I know it seems as if I’m progressively losing more and more clothing as I post here, but I promise you it wasn’t on purpose. lol There’s a blog called Bare where they interview different SLers around the grid. They interviewed me today so I thought it would be neat to do a nude […]

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Memolane (rawks!)

Memolane screenCap showing Vaneeesa Blaylock's Memolane collection of 3 years of web content

The awesome platform Memolane has an embed feature! You can “Make your Lane” and get a simple script to paste and embed it as you see above. If you’re my Facebook friend or Twitter follower you already know I’m a Memolane junkie. After they “suck up” all your content sprawling across the web, they can […]

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Ironhoof and my epic win

LOCATION: Stangard, Rohan (Lord of the Rings Online) IN PHOTO: Ravanel and Ironhoof, her Prized Isengard War-steed I was able to buy Ironhoof after months of struggling on the hard final boss of the current end-game raid, Saruman (T2). I think he and I express our joy over this epic win much like I did […]

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VB Previz #25 – Fire Walk With Me

In addition to our Theme Camp Proposal, we have been invited to submit a stage proposal for Burning Life 2009: VB Previz #25 – Fire Walk With Me The first question about this piece is about the title: where does the comma go? Who or what is the subject? Are you asking someone take a […]

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Free Culture

One semester in my undergraduate program at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, I took a GE psychology class. And one weekend we took the KCR (Kowloon-Canton Railway) out to the New Territories to participate in a “Mother Earth Fair.” We were not normal participants selling food or crafts or whatever: we set up […]

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