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VB Previz #23 – A Wedding

Previz: A Wedding VB cast member Rebekah Newall is getting married! The lucky girl is Kira Macalroy. I couldn’t resist titling this “A Wedding” both in homage to Robert Altman’s 1978 masterpiece, and, as you’ll see in the minimal nature of this design, in counterpoint to it. FIRST QUESTION: What’s the wardrobe? Two Brides… who […]

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I’ve Fucking Had It!

Many of the “artists” in SL are not only “hacks who couldn’t make it IRL”… in fact… they’ve never even tried… making “real” art never even occurred to them. The just showed up in SL, put colors in a rectangle, and said, “Look mommy, I’m an artist!!” Today another one of these fucking hacks told […]

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VB Previz #20 – Living Brushes

Now it is flesh itself that applies colour to the surface at my instructions. Yves Klein loved blue. In fact he invented and patented his own special blue: IKB – International Klein Blue. He painted a lot of monochromes with this color. In Paris, on 9 March 1960, he decided he no longer needed to […]

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VB Previz #18 – Veil

VB Cast Member Lyssa showed me Etain Peregrine’s Disney Life Burka yesterday. I think it’s fair to say that the burka is a lot more on Western radar these days than it once was. The burka has something to say about Islamic women… and something to say, perhaps, about all women in our culture. On […]

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